MatterBook for Hotels

Use the selling power of MatterWorld to increase your bookings whilst saving time and money.

Engaging Tour, real-time booking

300% greater engagement

Your guests can surf the premises via the virtual tour. They can check every every detail. They will be able to choose the room of their dreams, book the best table for a rich appetizer, a cocktail or for diner. What’s more, they can choose the terrace where they can enjoy a unique view, for example. You will have an edge over your competitors.

Find out how to exponentially increase your business right away and increase the engagement rate in your hotel like never before:

Create links embedded in your tour to connect customers directly to your online booking system.

You’ll speed up booking decisions and boost lead’s confidence by offering an immersive 3D experience which resembles reality.

With the majority of purchasing decisions being made online, you need to stand out from your competitors by providing the best online user experience possible.

Attract new customers from every part of the World

Customers are increasingly likely to choose the hotel with the best looking website and which offers the best online "experience", and MatterWorld counts a lot towards providing that.

With the MatterWorld technology, your customers will have a completely personalised booking experience: they will be able to view the rooms in every detail and choose the one they prefer, without any unwanted surprises.

MatterWorld encourages customers to enjoy the experiences your hotel offers: they can browse your SPA, and decide what time to book their massage, or they can move into your meeting room and schedule their meeting.